BLUE LOCK: Trading Minifigure Vol.1

  • 4.000 KD

Aoshima's second lineup of miniature trading figures from the hot soccer anime "Blue Lock" is now available for order! There are two insanely cute figures for each character, each with different expressions; there are ten figures in the lineup, and they're randomly packed in boxes of ten. Order yours today!

  • [Figure Size]: Approximately 5.5cm tall
  • [Materials]: PVC, ABS


  • Nagi Seishiro A
  • Reo Mikage A
  • Itoshi Rin A
  • Aryu Jyubei A
  • Itoshi Sae A
  • Nagi Seishiro B
  • Reo Mikage B
  • Itoshi Rin B
  • Aryu Jyubei B
  • Itoshi Sae B