Dororo Animemories Trading Rubber Strap

  • 4.000 KD

"Animemories" is an original line of items created by HobbyLink Japan under our new brand, HLJ Pop, and the first set of merch in our new lineup features the popular anime series, "Dororo"!

This collection of rubber straps captures some of the most memorable scenes from "Dororo" in a cute chibi size. Each scene has a strap attached so you can easily hang them on your bag, your keychain, or around your room or office for display. Grab them today, and relive this incredible anime series with us!


  • Size: About 7.5cm tall (varies slightly by design)
  • Materials: PVC


  • Dororo
  • Hyakkimaru VS Nue
  • Hyakkimaru & Dororo (Episode 5)
  • Hyakkimaru & Dororo (Episode 8)
  • The Last Episode (Hyakkimaru & Adult Dororo)
  • Child Hyakkimaru
  • Tahomaru & Mutsu & Hyogo
  • Hyakkimaru VS Tahomaru
  • Hyakkimaru & Dororo & Mio
  • Shiranui & Jiromaru & Saburomaru