Star Wars Tamagotchi: R2-D2 Holographic Ver.

  • 12.000 KD

"Star Wars" and "Tamagotchi" team up to bring us the cutest droid virtual pet around! This R2-D2 Tamagotchi comes in a classic color reminiscent of the little robot's own pattern. Not only that, but depending on how you take care of R2-D2, he will develop various different skills and quirks. You can recharge him when he is low on energy, clean him, and enjoy taking care of him in general. In addition to the two mini-games that can be played with any R2-D2 evolution, there are seven mini-games that change depending on the form that he ends up taking! You might even get some other guests from the "Star Wars" franchise. So get your new best friend by ordering today!