Castle in the Sky: Image Album Original Soundtrack LP (Limited Edition)

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Deepen your knowledge of Joe Hisaishi and Miyazaki's film works with the spellbinding soundtrack to Laputa: Castle In The Sky.

Created from very rare musical material that Joe Hisaishi initially created on the basis of an image of Laputa, before the Miyazaki film Castle In The Sky (and Hisaishi’s final soundtrack) was completed. An exceptional entry into this exemplary music library.

This Japanese import release features an obi strip, and Gatefold sleeve.

Track listing:

Side A

1. Laputa: Castle in the Sky 3:55
2. Pigeons and a Boy 2:26
3. Miner 4:00
4. Levitation Stone 2:39
5. Dola 3:39
6. Sheeta and Pazu 2:34

Side B

7. The Huge Tree 5:24
8. Flapter 4:11
9. The Dragon's Lair 1:43
10. The Fortress of Tidith 4:07
11. Sheeta and Pazu 3:18
12. Lost Paradise 2:16

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